Santorini, is an island that has exciting places to visit, there is everything for any type of public

This place is the best option to visit, has a number of excursions , if you are inclined to the extreme excursions, the best option is to choose to go the Santorini volcano, where they have enabled people to carry mobile devices, the route continues by boat, so that it is not advisable to take it, if the sea isn’t your thing, for them there are scenic tours around the island that allow you to take advantage of your stay in this historic jewel.

Reservations to this destination, you can make online or by calling phone numbers you want to choose package, the experience is unforgettable, and it all depends on the season you arrive to the island, it is usually always attends in the morning, but likewise have one for the evening but during the high season, the entire price includes, an excursion of approximately 3 hours, Cruise in Goleta kaike traditional, and by language, don’t worry, most of the crew is English speaking.

One of the disadvantages of this tour is that there are no transfers from the hotel to the meeting point, food and beverages are not included in the same way, equally to reach the destination, you must traverse the path until the craters which will take about 20-35 min. swim in the hot springs is an activity recommended for good swimmers, who will enjoy crystal-clear waters, which have a disadvantage, they possess a high sulfur content in the water, so if you are going to give you a bath in these waters, it is advisable to wear bathing suits that are dark, as it may stain irreversibly very light colors or white.

Similarly, you already have the like it is, in every tour you can experience different sensations or similar, if what you are looking for is a package as above to enjoy the famous thermal waters, must take into account that the prices do not include, ticket for the cable car, the journey must be paid per person, or you can choose to lower or raise on foot, on the other hand, the entrance to the volcano is not in the package, so you should bring money to enter, it remains a tourist tax of maintenance, everything you are going to consume you should be prepared to pay for it.

On the other hand, it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes because if you do not want to spend more and invest it in food, walk up the steps you will be able to fatigue, it is better to go prevented, these are the major disadvantages of this route, in the same way the experience is worth the effort, so that it is not good to become discouraged because there are other packages that include much more than just the transfer to the place of destination, many of these are priced a little higher but that is not an obstacle to offer you a full menu of food and drinks.

This tour, as well as the previous one is at sea, but it includes much more with your choice, if you wish to make an excursion you can opt for a tour in the morning, where he allows the use of mobile devices, which is excellent for taking pictures to all the places they are observing, similarly, the tour offers airport transfers by hotels or meeting points, because it is in the morning, the price includes lunch with drinks included, as the saying goes belly full, happy heart, nothing will be enjoying good if they have not been satisfied the taste buds, on the other hand the tour takes into account that some people have a preference for vegetarian food, you can find a wide menu vegetarian menu, this tour to be one of the most well-known must be booked in advance, if you want to swim in the sea, offer you a snorkelling equipment, highly qualified, although you must bring towels and personal bathing suits.

This tour takes about 5 hours for groups up to 55 people. It begins in the port at 09:30am and ends at 14:30 a cruise by the impressive caldera of Santorini by visiting the Thermal Waters (Hot Springs) and the famous red and white beaches (Red and White Beaches). This modern catamaran offers a comfortable covered with capacity for up to 80 people, in order to ensure passenger comfort, its entry is limited to 55 participants.

Following the path of transfers by hotels or meeting points coming in Santorini, aboard any of the catamarans “Taiti 80 – EXCLUSIVE “, “Ocean Voyager 74 – AMMOUDI” or “Taiti 80 – IOS”, zarparan at 09:30am, from Athinios Port or Ammoudi.

The order of the stops are firstly you will go to the Thermal Waters (Hot Springs), passengers can enjoy a swim in mud if they wish. You will navigate through the islet of Aspronisi, The Old Lighthouse, and the “Indian Rock” the famous rock with human profile, where all photos are essential to remember that moment. Following in the itinerary the 2nd stop, in the Playa roja* (Red Beach), passengers will be able to swim and snorkel if you wish and enjoy and excellent day, it also has qualified personnel in order to avoid any type of tragedy while you enjoy the experience, and finally, the 3rd stop, in the Playa Blanca* (White Beach), to swim and snorkel if they wish, while will begin the preparation and will serve as the barbecue.

The Excursions mentioned are the most famous in Santorini, each offering different things, but depending on what you need to make your choice, don’t at the time, imagine the wonderful stories you can tell your friends and loved ones, “Visit a volcano”, “swim in thermal waters”, are places you can’t go every day, so make the most of your stay in Santorini, and choose the tour with the one you sign in.